Nambé 'Drift' Small Serving Bowl

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Nambé 'Drift' Small Serving Bowl
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Description :Nambé 'Drift' Small Serving Bowl

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Reviews for Nambé 'Drift' Small Serving Bowl

Kylie Feb 18 2018 At 4:10

Beautiful & fast shipping. Nambé 'Drift' Small Serving Bowl.. Thanks!

Jackson Jan 29 2018 At 14:35

Oh I love this old beauty !!! She will look at home on my

Aurora Jan 23 2018 At 2:01

Not only is the hat as advertised and beautiful, So helpful and professional, thanks again!

Violet Jan 01 2018 At 10:24

Nice Nambé 'Drift' Small Serving Bowl from a great seller!

Piper Feb 14 2018 At 13:57

Great Nambé 'Drift' Small Serving Bowl condition and fast ship. Glad to have room to let out but otherwise nothing else needed. Thank you. KLH

Wyatt Jan 21 2018 At 16:56

This is so sweet will make an excellent product. Great customer service, blocked, quality ready to product. Thank you

Wyatt Jan 13 2018 At 7:35

GOOD. An amazing Product the shop and they replaced it immediately! Very good quality and customer service! Overall, very happy and satisfied!

Daniel Jan 21 2018 At 2:12

Thank you for being so kind and prompt with shipping.

Sebastian Jan 30 2018 At 12:51

Awesome Nambé 'Drift' Small Serving Bowl and fast delivery!!!! Thank you.

James Jan 20 2018 At 14:38

wonderful, unique and special necklace!! so

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